Our Team

Susan Kirk

Sue is Bethesda Cares’ Executive Director. She works tirelessly to help the most vulnerable in our community, always willing to do whatever it takes to support Bethesda Cares’ clients, and invariably with good cheer. She is deeply involved in all policy and advocacy matters affecting our clients, all of whom she knows by name. Sue’s undergraduate degree is in psychology and social work; she also holds an MBA in Organizational Development.

Wendy Adler

Wendy is our Housing Stabilization Counselor.  She works with clients facing financial crises to assist them with overdue rent or utility bills.  In this work, she coordinates with state agencies and other nonprofit groups.  Wendy has worked on poverty issues and issues effecting homeless people on the national, state and local levels.  She ran a House Committee on Government Operations that initiated groundbreaking hearings and legislation on public housing, homelessness and community development.  She has also worked with several governors, advising them on issues facing low-income residents.  Wendy authored  Working to End Homelessness: A Manual for States.  She has also worked with many local programs, including soup kitchens and mobile outreach vans.

Mark Babiak

Our Criticial Time Specialist, Mark was born and raised in Washington, DC, Mark has lived in the area his whole life.  He attended Montgomery College and was enrolled in the Mental Health Program there; he subsequently transferred to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and received a B.A. from there in 2014, in Social Work and Psychology.  Having interned with Bethesda Cares for a year during his studies, Mark has joined staff to work closely with our newly-housed clients, ensuring that this enormous transition is a smooth one.

Lawrence Blake

“Blake” is our Lunch Program/Clothing Closet/Shower Coordinator. He is the face of the lunch program and receiver of the food donations; he coordinates meals and oversees our volunteers. Blake also picks and delivers clothing to the closet and supervises a once a week shower program.  To read more about Blake, click here for a profile on his work with us in the New York Times.

Amy Freeman

Amy is Bethesda Cares’ first Development Director. A former litigator, Amy left the law to raise her children. When she returned to work it was in the nonprofit world, focusing on international issues. Over time Amy realized she wanted to concentrate on improving her own community; after a brief stint with Montgomery County’s Office of Community Partnerships, she consulted with some of Montgomery County’s leading social service providers before hanging her hat at Bethesda Cares.  Her weekly blog, exploring our own humanity through the prism of homelessness, is on the Huffington Post, here.


John Mendez

John is the Director of Outreach and Special Projects at Bethesda Cares. John’s objective is to coordinate an “exit strategy” for individuals experiencing homelessness. John has multiple levels of experience in “best practice” programs and policy development, including activities associated with CoC systems, State Interagency Councils, and Federal policy initiatives. John has also served as Coordinator for the Bethesda Chapter of 100,000 HOMES Campaign since joining the campaign in 2011. John has received multiple awards for his work to end homelessness, including recognition from U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center in Washington DC for his work through HUD-VASH and being named the recipient of the 2012 Dr. Wayne Fenton Memorial Award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness for Montgomery County. In addition, John had the distinct honor of being Congressman Chris Van Hollen’s guest at President Barack Obama’s 2012 State of the Union Address to Congress.

Elizabeth Snape

Eager to talk with those wanting to volunteer at Bethesda Cares, Elizabeth, a volunteer herself, coordinates our Saturday lunch programs. A dedicated member of our team, she also regularly volunteers in our main office.



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