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Alicia, dedicated volunteer

A native of Colombia, Alicia S. came to Bethesda Cares with the fundamental desire to help those in our community.  Already volunteering with a group that reads for the blind, Alicia felt she still had more to give.  After just one morning as a volunteer receptionist at Bethesda Cares, she signed up for a “regular” slot (and we are so glad that she did!).

Alicia helps us by greeting our clients, checking them in, and addressing any of their needs that she can.  That might include getting their mail for them—Bethesda Cares serves as a mailing address for people who have none—endlessly refilling our coffee pot, or, perhaps most importantly, just listening to what is on a client’s mind.

“They like to talk to me,” she explains.  “I am not sure that they all have people who just listen to their problems.  I try to be pleasant,” she says.  A mother of 4 and grandmother of 2, she has plenty of wisdom to share, as well her obvious kindness and a deep patience.

“I love the interaction with our clients,” Alicia concludes.  “My life feels richer since I came to Bethesda Cares.  I always encourage people to support our work in any way that they can.”



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