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Ribbon Cutting, Let’s Go! Recreation Club and Many Thanks (newsletter 7/18/2017)

Public Interest Podcast with Bethesda Cares’ Executive Director Susan Kirk (6/1/2017)

Community Client Memorial, Upcoming Concerts and More (newsletter 5/31/17)

Community Client Memorial, Let’s Go! Recreational Club and Much More (newsletter 5/23/17)

Blitz, Welcome Pravina, Pancakes and More (newsletter 5/16/17)

Jobs Won’t Solve Homelessness (Washington Post op-ed, March 5, 2017)

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Working with people suffering or at risk of homelessness is complex.  Click here for a 3 minute video, that gets to the heart of what Bethesda Cares does (published October 23, 2015).

Our volunteers are the very soul of our work.  Bethesda Cares Volunteers Speak captures (briefly) what they’ve learned in working with us. (published October 29, 2015)



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