Ending Homelessness: Outreach Team

Our Outreach Team is available at our Drop-In Center, Monday through Friday, to discuss clients’ needs and assist with referrals. Additionally, our Outreach Team reaches out to clients where they are located:  in our parks, our Metro stops, our parking garages.  Whatever the client’s needs, we work to form individual strategies to help each client to exit homelessness. As we engage our clients, building trusting relationships with them, we offer food, clothing, access to a staff psychiatrist.

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A client inspects his new home.

The causes of homelessness are many, and thus, so must be our responses. There is no typical day either on the street or at our Drop-In Center, so we respond with flexibility to each person and his or her challenges. Working with multiple government and nonprofit agencies, we coordinate housing and services for our clients.

Whatever our clients’ needs are, we work with them to find solutions. 



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