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Bethesda Cares is a community outreach program for the homeless, as well as a safety net for those at risk of eviction or utility shut-off. Our Onsite Services are available Monday through Friday at 7728 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda Maryland.  Read on to learn what we have to offer:

What We Do:  Easing Homelessness, Ending Homelessness  The personal circumstances of Bethesda Cares clients’ lives are as varied as the clients themselves. For some of our clients, homelessness is temporary, a difficult but transitory period that they ultimately will resolve on their own. Some find needed work or find friends or family on whom they can rely to help them through. Other clients remain on the streets for years. Some of them feel deeply detached from—maybe even abandoned by–society. These clients may resist help, even when they sorely need it. With them, Bethesda Cares begins the long process of methodically building a trusting relationship, aiming to place these clients into permanent, supportive housing.

Regardless of whether the homelessness they are experiencing is temporary or chronic, our clients need food, psychiatric help, a bathroom, a telephone and a place where they know they will not be told to “move along.” So we offer a daily meal program; a Drop-In Center where clients can come out of the weather and find a warm cup of coffee ( open Monday through Friday); a Clothing Closet (sign up at the main office); a mail service for those with no fixed address; and a weekly shower program (sign up at main office). Our psychiatrist offers weekly group and individual counseling, as well as limited prescription assistance.

What We Do:  Keeping People In Homes  Still other Bethesda Cares clients are in homes but face financial crises, teetering on the brink of losing their homes. Maybe a wage-earner lost a job, and that family cannot pay both their utilities and rent. Rather than choosing between heat and rent, or food and rent, they can turn to us for short-term financial assistance. Our Housing Stabilization Program offers a safety net that can mean the difference between staying safely housed or ending up evicted and homeless.






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