Easing Homelessness: Onsite Services



Our main office serves as both a Drop-In Center for clients experiencing homelessness, and the site for most of our services.  Open five days a week, our Drop-In Center always offers hot coffee, snacks and a place that clients can come in for a respite from the weather.  Importantly, it’s also a place where they know they will be greeted with smiles, and not be asked to “move along.”

Our Center provides access to our Outreach Team, a social worker and psychiatric care, who work closely together to move clients out of homelessness.  We also try to ease our clients’ lives, by providing vouchers for our Clothing Closet and our weekly shower program, both at nearby sites.  We hold mail for nearly 400 clients, offer a phone for client-use, and keep a steady supply of toiletries available, too.



7728 Woodmont Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
Tel: 301.907.9244
Fax: 301.652.1781

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