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Our Approach

Housing First

Housing First is how we will end homelessness once and for all. It is a methodology based on the idea that if a person has a place to call their own, they can begin to reenter society, achieving what seemed impossible when they were living on the street. Through Housing First, the population of individuals experiencing chronic street homelessness are provided with permanent supportive units of housing. There are no barriers to receiving access to these units, no stipulations or requirements. The housing is simply made available to those who need it most.

We believe in this methodology because it provides our clients with a dignity they may not have had for years. And we believe in it because it works; once placed into housing our clients’ lives, health and well-being improves. Secure in the knowledge that they have a reliable roof over their heads, they are able to regain broader functionality. They can rejoin the community as adults with dignity, security and self-esteem.